Rescure Your Data from EcryptFS

    Until you have a hardware malfunction and need to restore that data to another machine. I had the privilege of setting up a shiny new Ubuntu installation on a new hard drive, with my data trapped inside an ecryptfs file on another drive, which wasn’t a reliable drive, so I had to get as much of my data off soon. Ugh, what am I to do? The only thing I could do, find out how to decrypt and mount my old home directory. The first piece of information you are going to need is your ecryptfs mount pass-phrase, which you can recover, if you don’t remember. Here is how I recovered my pass-phrase. Notice, I have the partition with the encrypted directory mount at /mnt.
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    Extended Access List

    Extended ACLs are one of the fundamental access control features of IOS, knowing how they work and what they can do will make your job a lot easier. To start, extended ACLs match on more than just the source address, like standard ACLs. They can also be configured to match a range of layer 4 protocols like ICMP, OSPF, EIGRP, and etc. Other great thing about Extended ACLs is they can match on protocol fields, so you can match all packets with just the SYN flag set, or you could match a specific sequence number. Lets start by creating a simple extended access list, this access list will deny all inbound TCP port 80 traffic on the FastEthernet 0/0 interface.
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    Remove Member from Dell EqualLogic Group

    There will be a time, it’s not if, it’s when you will have to remove a member from a Dell EqualLogic Group. Could be the member needs replacing or you just want to move that member to another group. Whatever the reason the member will have to be vacated (removed) from the group.

    To start the vacate process you will have to Delete the member from the group. Doing so will start the process by moving the data to the remaining members if there is the available capacity to do so if not the process will not start.

    Deleting member

    The time to remove the member from the group can depend on a lot of factors, network, size of the array, amount of data to move to the remaining members, etc.

    Once the vacating as started you can check the progress via the Member status tab of Group Manager.

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    Standard Access List

    Standard ACLs are used for everything from traffic filtering to route filtering and everything in between. Most people don’t use them for traffic filtering today, as they can only filter based on source address, extended ACLs are much more useful for traffic filtering. I use them for filtering debug output, access control to VTY lines, route update filtering, etc. Here is an example of a standard ACL being used for access control on the VTY lines of a IOS router. SC#config terminal SC(config)#access-list 99 permit host SC(config)#access-list 99 deny any any SC(config)#line vty 0 903 SC(config-line)#access-class 99 SC(config-line)#end SC(config)#
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