GameBall Settings Guide

This post is just a complete list of settings for the GameBall trackball. For people (including myself) that don’t always have the settings handy or from memory (lol, yeah right).

All of this can be found elsewhere.

As of firmware v1.7.1.

Button Settings

Users can swap the Left and Back buttons (2 & 3). The Right and Forward button (7 & 8) can also be swapped.

Hold down the button combination for 5 seconds to change the setting.

Buttons Flash Once Flash Twice
2 & 3 Button 2 = Left, Button 3 = Back Button 2 = Back, Button 3 = Left
7 & 8 Button 7 = Right, Button 8 = Forward Button 7 = Forward, Button 8 = Right

Sensitivity Settings

To adjust the native sensitivity level press and hold the CPI button (9) for 3 seconds. If you continue to hold, it will cycle through all settings, LED lights will blink to show each change.

Number of Blinks Setting (CPI)
1 Blink 400 - Slowest
2 Blinks 800 - Default
3 Blinks 1200
4 Blinks 2000
5 Blinks 3000 - Fastest

Scroll Filter

The filter used to prevent unwanted ball motion when scrolling (and vice versa) can be turned off/on.

Buttons Flash Once Flash Twice
1 & 9 Filter is active Filter is off

Polling Rate

You can adjust your polling rate down to 250Hz from 1000Hz. Good if your reaction time is slower.

For this setting you will need to hold down button 10 for 20 seconds. Button 10 is the RGB button.

Button Flash Once Flash Twice
10 1000Hz polling rate 250Hz polling rate

Precison mode

Toggle precison mode with CPI button (9). A single click of button 9 will reduce the CPI sensitivity by 1/3. Click again to return to normal operating mode.

Scroll Modes & Left-Hand Mode

Toggle between continous and linear scroll modes by tapping the Settings button (5).

Even though I am left handed, I use right handed devices when using computers. I still want to look out for my lefties. To change to left-hand mode, press and hold Settings button (5) for 3 seconds. In left-hand mode the button mapping is reversed.

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