Using Mnemonics to Remember Study Material

When I was studying for my CCNA I started to use mnemonics for remembering lists, because in an exam you want to spend your time thinking about the questions and not trying to remember the list of Cisco IOS log severity levels.

  • Emergency (0)
  • Alert (1)
  • Critical (2)
  • Error (3)
  • Warning (4)
  • Notifications (5)
  • Information (6)
  • Debug (7)

I used the following mnemonic to remember them in the correct order.

Every Alley Cat Eats Watery Noodles In Doors

I know it sounds silly, but mnemonics are a very powerful tool for aiding memory, and in the exam room anything that saves you time is awesome. If you have any interesting mnemonics of your own, leave them in the comments, I would love to see what other people use to remember Cisco material.

Update: To remember BGP Best Path Algorithm, Router Freak has shared a nice mnemonic from Richard Bannster’s BlogWLove Oranges AOranges Mean Pure Refreshment.

  • Weight (Highest is Better)
  • LOCAL_PREF (Highest is Better)
  • Originated Locally
  • AS_PATH (Shortest Wins)
  • ORIGIN Type (IGP is Lower than EGP and EGP is Lower than Incomplete)
  • MED (Lowest is Better)
  • Paths (External > Internal)
  • RID (Router ID – Lowest is Better)
Update 2: I recently came across another neat mnemonic for the DHCP process. DORA, Discover DHCP server by broadcasting on the LAN segment, the DHCP server with Offer up an IP address, we will Request the IP address, and finally Acknowledge the IP address request.
Jun 2nd, 2011 • Posted in Cisco
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