Service Tags! Services Tags! Get Your Services Tags!

Dell in their infinite wisdom came up with a unique identifier for their products, they call it Service Tag.

This identifier is retrievable through software on most Dell equipment. This can be most useful when creating tickets and verify other product information (warranty, configuration).

How to get Service Tag information from a switch:

console#show system id

Service Tag: XXXXXXX
Serial Number:
Asset Tag:
Unit Service tag Serial number Asset tag
---- ------------ -------------- ------------

How to get it via Linux command line for servers:

# dmidecode
Handle 0x0100, DMI type 1, 25 bytes.
System Information
Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation
Product Name: PowerEdge 2850
Serial Number: XXXXXXX

How to get it via local Windows CLI for servers:

C:\>wmic csproduct get vendor,name,identifyingnumber
IdentifyingNumber Name Vendor
XXXXXXX PowerEdge R320 Dell Inc.

Obtain the Service Tag remotely via Windows CLI. If Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection to the remote-host is not available, execute the following from the localhost to get the Service Tag of the remote-host.

C:\>wmic /node:"remote-host" /user:JCAdmin bios get serialnumber
Enter the password :***********


How to retrieve the Service Tag from the CLI of an EqualLogic SAN

dell-grp-01> member show dell-san-01 
_____________________________ Member Information ______________________________
Name: dell-san-01                      Status: online                         
TotalSpace: 9.1TB                      UsedSpace: 290.83GB                    
SnapSpace: 0MB                         Description:                           
Def-Gateway:              Serial-Number:                         
Disks: 24                                       
Spares: 1                              Controllers: 2                         
CacheMode: write-back                  Connections: 10                        
RaidStatus: ok                         RaidPercentage: 0.000%                 
LostBlocks: false                      HealthStatus: normal                   
LocateMember: disable                  Controller-Safe: disabled              
Version: V7.1.7 (R412783)              Delay-Data-Move: disable               
ChassisType: DELLSBB2u24 2.5           Accelerated RAID Capable: yes          
Pool: default                          Raid-policy: raid6-accelerated         
Service Tag: XXXXXXX                   Product Family: PS6100                 
All-Disks-SED: no                      SectorSize: 512                        
Language-Kit-Version: not installed

How to get it from vSphere Web Client. The Service Tag can be found in the CIM data, click a Host, Monitor tab, Hardware Status sub tab, click System event log from the CIM data menu.


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