Running Macbook in Closed Clamshell Mode

I recently received my ERVO standing desk from Kickstarter. I now store my MacBook in a tight location that is underneath my monitor, versus when it was just on my desktop.

I couldn’t see the display of the MacBook, so I decided to run the MacBook in clamshell mode. This is how I got it to work, after a few tries.

  • Close the lid on your MacBook
  • Connect your external Display using the Thunderbolt port
  • Open the lid on your MacBook
  • Wait for your desktop to appear on the external display
  • Close the lid

The desktop should switch your external display. Moving the Menubar and Dock to the external display.

Note: You have to be on AC power for this to work, otherwise the MacBook will turn off the display.

The steps depend on the generation of MacBook, version of OS, and if you are using a wired or wireless mouse, check Apple’s knowledge base article for more information.

Jul 11th, 2016 • Posted in Apple, MacBook
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