Renaming ACLs on a Cisco ASA Firewall

I am fussy about my naming convention of my ACLs, I like to tweak them, because over time they purpose might change, and you want the name to reflect the purpose of the ACL, otherwise why use names for ACLs? I had a ACL for matching HTTP traffic in a class-map for prioritize traffic. Later, I decide I wanted to prioritized HTTPS traffic as well, so I changed the name of the ACL OUTBOUND-HTTP to OUTBOUND-WEB, because I was matching on both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

Here is how I renamed the ACL from the command line:

firewall(config)# access-list OUTBOUND-HTTP rename OUTBOUND-WEB 

And the best thing about this is all references to this ACL update on their own, so no need to update your class-maps, VPN config, etc. Happy computing!

Jun 26th, 2012 • Posted in 5505, ASA
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