Release of aslookup

Recently I have been hacking away at some C code, I had wanted to create a tool to lookup Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Autonomous System (AS) numbers from the command line with ease. I had some time, so I decided to code a little.

I was able to create this tool for performing BGP AS Number lookup, aslookup. Its concept is similar to nslookup, just pass it an AS number or IP address.


$ aslookup
15169 | US | arin | 2000-03-30 |
$ aslookup AS15169
15169 | US | arin | 2000-03-30 | GOOGLE - Google Inc., US

This tool queries the DNS zones of Team Cymru. The tool has options to query IPv4, IPv6, and ASN for Autonomous System (AS) information. In the future, I may add an option to query AS information from an AS or peers lookup.

More can be found on the aslookup page or just download.

The code is released under the GPL2.

Dec 14th, 2016 • Posted in Bash, Linux, Networking, Routing, Troubleshooting
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