How-to Access Role-Based Email on a Google App Domain

How to gain access to role-based email mailboxes like postmaster, webmaster, and the alike on a domain managed by Google Apps?

I looked for hours trying to learn how to gain access to the functional mailboxes of my domain that was being managed by Google Apps. I only came up with a small bit of information, that you had to create a group for the function address, postmaster for example, and then add your account to that group. Seems simple enough, but at first, I couldn’t find where to make these groups, I tried creating a contact group, adding both postmaster and my personal email address, but that yield no results.

After messing around with that for a few minutes, I found a Google Groups post (go figure) explaining that you have to add this groups using the Domain Management panel, which only makes sense, now that I think about it. 🙂

Figure 1

Here is how to navigate to the section to add the proper groups. Click on ‘Manage this domain’ (Figure 1) in the top right corner of any Google App that is managing the domain.

Figure 2

Next, click ‘Groups’ (Figure 2) from the navigation bar. From this page you can add, delete, or modify groups that have an address associate with them, [email protected] could be a group address used to send email to the entire marketing department for example. Click ‘Create a new group’ (Figure 3) when you are ready to create your group(s).

Figure 3

From this page what we need to do is create a group that will reference the functional address we want to receive email, [email protected] is a common one. I have created a group to receive email for [email protected] I have also added my personal email address to the group as an Owner. Once you have all the fields filled in to your liking, click ‘Create new group’. Once this group is created, we can verify that it’s working, by sending a test email to [email protected] Note, don’t do this from an address on the domain, mail from a separate domain, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. Figure 4 shows the header of my test email.

What is great about this feature is you can separate the duties of the functional email to different people in your organization, webmaster to Web Administrators, postmaster to the Mail Administrators, you get the picture.

If you want to learn more about functional addresses, take a peek at RFC2142.

Also, I would like to get some feedback on how other people are actually using Google Apps Gmail service to manage email on their domains, and how well (or not well) it’s working for you.

Figure 4

Happy Holidays!

Dec 17th, 2010 • Posted in Management
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