Hidden Remote Shutdown Tool

When administering servers remotely, there will come a time when you have to reboot a batch of servers of Windows servers. Now you could drop to Power Shell and knock out a script that could easily do this task, but at some point you will have to type out the name of every server, and depending on the number of servers you have to reboot, that could take a while. But, thankfully someone at Microsoft thought of that scenario, and came up with the Remote Shutdown Tool, which has a GUI component. To access this GUI, run the shutdown command with -i switch. This will show the user interface below.

This is one of the more useful “hidden” Windows tools I have learnt about recently, even though it’s been in Windows for a nice while. I am sure there are dozens of useful tools or shortcuts in Windows that I don’t know about.

Dec 24th, 2011 • Posted in Troubleshooting, Windows
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