Different Uses for Those Extra Mouse Buttons

Input devices now come with a plethora of buttons, especially the devices for gamers. I don’t do much gaming on computers, but I use them for everything else.

The moment you can figure out a way to reduce tasks, your computing experience will be much better.

Logitech Options – MX Anywhere

In the world of Windows, I set the tilt buttons on the scroll wheel to move an active Window to another screen. The keyboard shortcut for these actions respectfully Win + Shift + Left/Right.

This ables me to quickly move a window from one monitor to the other, saving the need to drag windows from monitor to monitor.

In the land of macOS, yes I have Macs. I have two (2) monitors, I use applications mostly full screen and switch between the different full screens, two (2) applications per screen, you get the idea. They can be moved and adjusted through Mission Control, make applications full screen, unbind applications from each other, move to another screen, etc.

Logitech Options – MX Ergo Trackball

I use the tilt buttons to set the Desktop (Left or Right). I also make use of an extra button near the trackball to active Mission Control, this enables quick action on screens and full-screen applications

I use Logitech Options software to set the buttons accordingly. You will have to use the software that the vendor provides for your devices. Microsoft, Logitech, Kensington, etc.

Stay safe everyone.

Apr 11th, 2020 • Posted in Apple, Hardware, macOS, Microsoft, Windows
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