Core Dump to FTP Server

Most people don’t care why an IOS device crashes, just that it comes back up and resumes its duties forwarding packets. But, you’re different, you want to save that information to a remote server and analysis the hell out of it or pass it on to Cisco TAC so they can help you troubleshoot your problem. Whichever the case, having more information about your problem is never a bad thing.

SC#config t
SC(config)#ip ftp username coredump
SC(config)#ip ftp password c0r3dump
SC(config)#ip ftp source-interface fa 0/1

Next, we want to set the protocol that will be used to transfer the core dump, we are using FTP. You can also core dump using RCP, TFTP, or directly to Flash. I would advise against using TFTP, as it will only transfer the first 16MB of the core dump, which isn’t that useful.

SC(config)#exception protocol ftp
SC(config)#exception dump

Testing our core dump configuration

SC#write core

Having a core dump file can make work for TAC a lot easier.

Oct 21st, 2010 • Posted in IOS, Reporting
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