Configure RIPv2 Routing Protocol

Basic Routing Information Protocol (RIP) version 2 configuration. First, we have to have an interface on the network we want to advertise RIP route updates. Configure an interface with an IP address in the subnet. Also, we configure a loopback interface with the network, just for testing purposes.

SC#config t
SC(config)#interface fastEthernet 0/0
SC(config-if)#ip address
SC(config-if)#no shut
SC(config-if)#interface loopback 0
SC(config-if)#ip address

Enable RIP routing protocol on the and subnets. This will send route updates out and

SC(config)#router rip
SC(config-router)#version 2
Sep 6th, 2010 • Posted in IOS, RIP, Routing
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