Configure ASA Interface Redundancy

When it comes to redundancy, physical interface redundancy is probably the easiest to implement, and all it will cost you is an interface. On the Cisco ASA, redundant interfaces are usually used for the network that handle the stateful switchover (SSO) and/or failover traffic, if the interfaces are available. First, we create a redundant interface and the add physical interfaces to it. The order in which you add the physical interfaces is important, the redundant interface will use the MAC address of the first physical interface that you add.

SC-ASA(config)#interface redundant 0
SC-ASA(config-if)#member-interface ethernet 0/1
SC-ASA(config-if)#member-interface ethernet 0/2
SC-ASA(config-if)#no shutdown

Now, when configuring other redundancy options like SSO, we can use this interface, which will give use physical interface redundancy. More redundancy the better.

Sep 20th, 2010 • Posted in ASA, High-Availability
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