• Order of NAT Processing

    Just a quick post about NAT processing when it comes to the Cisco ASA platform. When configuring different types of NAT (NAT Exemption, Policy NAT) there can be some overlap. The Cisco ASA will run through the NAT translation types configured on the firewall, until the first match is found. Here is the list in […]

    May 22nd, 2011 • Filed under ASA, NAT, Routing, TroubleshootingPrint View
  • Verifying a Firewall with Hping

    When things go wrong on the network, people will usually blame the firewall, even without having in-depth knowledge of the problem. More often than not a problem will arise without any configuration changes to infrastructure devices, usually the change will be a mistake with a server configuration, etc. Figure 1, a simple network configuration, it consists of […]

    Jan 8th, 2011 • Filed under ASA, TroubleshootingPrint View
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