• Security Debunk: Security Challenge Questions

    The security field has umpteen myths and quarks that people believe, giving them a false sense of security. One of the most common is security challenge-response questions. This feature usually comes in the form of picking from a list of questions or supplying your own, and supply your answers. In its basic form the challenge […]

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  • Cisco ASA Pre-shared Key Recovery

    If you are responsible for any device running Cisco ASA OS and make use of pre-shared-keys with VPN tunnels, there will come a time when you will need access to those VPN keys. There are two ways to get the pre-shared-keys from running-config, first the local version: asa# more system:running-config … This will output the […]

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  • Extended Access List

    Extended ACLs are one of the fundamental access control features of IOS, knowing how they work and what they can do will make your job a lot easier. To start, extended ACLs match on more than just the source address, like standard ACLs. They can also be configured to match a range of layer 4 […]

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