• Django Bootstrap Extra Form Buttons

    This is how I have been implementing extra buttons on my forms via Django Bootstrap. # In context of form model class XUpdateForm(forms.ModelForm): … def clean(self): cleaned_data = super(XUpdateForm, self).clean() # Add action to clean data cleaned_data[‘action’] =[‘action’] return cleaned_data Now in the view responsible for this form form = XUpdateForm(request.POST) obj = […]

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  • Django Multiple Settings Structure

    In my Django projects, I tend to break out¬† into multiple files. This keeps settings for different environments separate from each other. You might want to have debug¬†settings for development environments only. Example settings structure: (cormier) [[email protected] cormier]$ ls cormier/settings/ (cormier) [[email protected] cormier] At the top of settings files import […]

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  • Update MySQL Server Time Zone Data

    I started to get the error message Database returned an invalid value in QuerySet.dates(). Are time zone definitions and pytz installed? from a Django application. These messages presented when I started to utilize date_hierarchy. From the MySQL server run the following command mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo/ | mysql -u root -p mysql This will parse the zone […]

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