• Output pcapng to Different Useful Formats

    At times you might be required to use some or all the contents of a PCAP Next Generation Dump File Format (pcapng for short) file in formats that were not for packet data, like JSON and even C arrays. This can be every easily accomplished with Wireshark application itself. Open the File menu to get […]

    Mar 23rd, 2020 • Filed under Networking, WiresharkPrint View
  • Live Capture to Multiple Files Using Wireshark

    If you want to live capture a long session, maybe over the course of a couple of hours. You will want to perform this so that you can capture the traffic to multiple files, based on size or duration of time, this makes the results much easier for analysts to work with, transferring, etc. I […]

    Feb 18th, 2020 • Filed under Networking, WiresharkPrint View
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