• Authenticate RIP Route Updates

    This is only authentication, being that it will only allow routers with the correct key to accept the route updates. This will prevent a person from unknowingly advertising RIP updates to your network, or an attacker from hijacking your RIP network. Configure the key that is to be used for RIP route authentication, this will need to be […]

    Sep 21st, 2010 • Filed under Control Plane Protection, IOS, RIP, Routing, SecurityPrint View
  • Configure RIPv2 Routing Protocol

    Basic Routing Information Protocol (RIP) version 2 configuration. First, we have to have an interface on the network we want to advertise RIP route updates. Configure an interface with an IP address in the subnet. Also, we configure a loopback interface with the network, just for testing purposes. SC#config t SC(config)#interface fastEthernet 0/0 […]

    Sep 6th, 2010 • Filed under IOS, RIP, RoutingPrint View
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