• Lookup Outlook Rules From PowerShell

    As an administrator you can check the rules a¬†user has configured on their Microsoft Exchange mailbox (there are Outlook client-side only rules, which usually involve categorization of messages) using the following PowerShell Exchange cmd-let Get-InboxRule. Get-InboxRule -Mailbox Jonathan Note: The parameter -Mailbox can accept GUID, Distinguished name (DN), Domain\Account, User principal name (UPN), LegacyExchangeDN, SmtpAddress, […]

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  • Get a List of Mail Boxes With Exchange Delegates

    If you run a large Exchange environment, or you may have been hired to a company with an existing Exchange infrastructure, but at some point you will want to audit the mail boxes to find any users that have delegated access to their mailbox to other people. Below is a Power Shell script does just […]

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  • How to Retrieve Local Administrators From Power Shell

    There will be times when you need to figure out what accounts have Local Administrator permissions on a server or workstation. I came across a Power Shell function that does it nicely. function Get-LocalAdmin { param ($strComputer) $admins = Gwmi win32_groupuser -computer $strComputer $admins = $admins |? ($_.groupcomponent -like ‘*”Administrators”‘} $admins |% { $_.partcomponent -match […]

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  • Hidden Remote Shutdown Tool

    When administering servers remotely, there will come a time when you have to reboot a batch of servers of Windows servers. Now you could drop to Power Shell and knock out a script that could easily do this task, but at some point you will have to type out the name of every server, and […]

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