• Tips for Hardening Your LastPass Account

    LastPass is a great service, one I don’t mind paying for because I know the value obtained and time it saves, it’s worth it. It’s nice to be able to generate reliably secure passwords with easy and save them to a secure encrypted online vault. The security of the LastPass Master account will be of […]

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  • How to Retrieve Local Administrators From Power Shell

    There will be times when you need to figure out what accounts have Local Administrator permissions on a server or workstation. I came across a Power Shell function that does it nicely. function Get-LocalAdmin { param ($strComputer) $admins = Gwmi win32_groupuser -computer $strComputer $admins = $admins |? ($_.groupcomponent -like ‘*”Administrators”‘} $admins |% { $_.partcomponent -match […]

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  • SSH Command Line Tip

    I use SSH a lot, for the this web site, and a few others, plus all my Cisco devices. It can get a bit confusing to keep track of all the hosts, etc. What I do to make things a little easier is to create a small Bash shell script that will connect to the […]

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  • How-to Access Role-Based Email on a Google App Domain

    How to gain access to role-based email mailboxes like postmaster, webmaster, and the alike on a domain managed by Google Apps? I looked for hours trying to learn how to gain access to the functional mailboxes of my domain that was being managed by Google Apps. I only came up with a small bit of […]

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  • Enabling Cisco IOS Login Enhancements

    Lets face facts, any feature that helps protect your network devices from brute force login attacks has to be worth implementing. Cisco introduced Login Enhancements with IOS 12.3(4)T, here are a few examples on what you can do with these features. The follow command will block further login attempts, after 5 failed login attempts within […]

    Sep 22nd, 2010 • Filed under IOS, Management, Management Plane Protection, SecurityPrint View
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