• SSH Command Line Tip

    I use SSH a lot, for the this web site, and a few others, plus all my Cisco devices. It can get a bit confusing to keep track of all the hosts, etc. What I do to make things a little easier is to create a small Bash shell script that will connect to the […]

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  • Rescue Your Data from EcryptFS

    This post doesn’t have much to do with Cisco hardware, or anything to do with Cisco for that matter, other than the fact that it helped me recover some Cisco related data (Tcl scripts, configurations, etc). I use Ubuntu as my primary desktop machine and like all paranoid people I encrypted my home directory, including filename encryption, ultra […]

    Mar 5th, 2011 • Filed under LinuxPrint View
  • Verifying Router ACLs with Hping

    In a previous post, , I showed you how to verify that a firewall was performing as it should, using the ever so popular hping command. In this post, I will show you how to verify that an ACL is doing its duties and blocking the appropriate traffic. Before we break out hping and start firing packets at our Cisco […]

    Jan 20th, 2011 • Filed under IOS, Linux, Policy RoutingPrint View
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