• Remove Member from Dell EqualLogic Group

    There will be a time, it’s not if, it’s when you will have to remove a member from a Dell EqualLogic Group. Could be the member needs replacing or you just want to move that member to another group. Whatever the reason the member will have to be vacated (removed) from the group. To start […]

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  • Link Aggregation Group (LAG) Dell Switch Side

    A Link Aggregated Group (LAG), combines individual physical links into one logical channel┬áto increase the total bandwidth and give the logical channel redundancy.┬áThis feature goes by different names from vendor to vendor, Port Channel, and Aggregated Ethernet (EA) are just a few of the names. It also is seen as one link by Spanning Tree, […]

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  • Reset and Setup Dell EqualLogic Array

    I recently had to reset and set up a Dell EqualLogic PS4000 SAN array. At the same time, I decided to upgrade the firmware on the array, before placing it back into production. This a rough transcript and comments of that process. PS Series Storage Arrays Unauthorized Access Prohibited login: grpadmin Password: Welcome to Group […]

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  • Service Tags! Services Tags! Get Your Services Tags!

    Dell in their infinite wisdom came up with a unique identifier for their products, they call it Service Tag. This identifier is retrievable through software on most Dell equipment. This can be most useful when creating tickets and verify other product information (warranty, configuration). How to get Service Tag information from a switch: console#show system […]

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  • Remove a Member From a Dell Switch Stack

    If you ever have to permanently remove a switch from a Dell switch stack, here are the steps. A quick show switch stack-ports will display the ports configured for stacking or the dedicated stacking ports, depends on the switch model. console#show switch stack-ports Configured Running Stack Stack Link Link Interface Mode Mode Status Speed (Gb/s) […]

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