• Command Line Tricks for Cisco Geeks

    I know most of you probably know a lot of the tricks on this list, but you might find a thing or two that you never knew existed. These tricks can save you seconds and a lot frustration when you trying to hammer out a command. Although, Cisco seems to be moving away from CLI […]

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  • Assess Service Level Agreements using IP SLA

    Service Level Agreements (SLA) are constantly being pushed to the upper limits as we add more and more traffic to our enterprise network. VoIP, customer relationship management (CRM), VPN, and other business related traffic, are just some of the different ways we are using our networks today, and we continue to come up with different ways […]

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  • Verifying Router ACLs with Hping

    In a previous post, , I showed you how to verify that a firewall was performing as it should, using the ever so popular hping command. In this post, I will show you how to verify that an ACL is doing its duties and blocking the appropriate traffic. Before we break out hping and start firing packets at our Cisco […]

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  • Protecting Switch Ports from Unknown Layer 2 Traffic

    When a frame with an unknown unicast or multicast MAC address arrives at a switch, it will flood the frame out all ports (minus the originating port), it does this to try and find the port that the destination device is located on, when it does find the port, it will add it to the […]

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