• Controlling Outbound Telnet Connections from the IOS CLI

    Just about everyone that has ever touched a Cisco IOS router, knows that you can secure VTY access to the router, by creating an access-list and applying it to all VTY lines with the command access-class in command. This would leave one to think that the command access-class out would prevent a user from connecting […]

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  • Ping Multiple Hosts from IOS (Tcl Script)

    We all look for ways to make our job easier, it’s this reason a lot of people will use a GUI over the CLI, but for me it’s CLI all the way, that is probably why I love Linux and IOS so much. But, at times there lacks a feature or two you wish you […]

    Jul 22nd, 2011 • Filed under IOS, Scripts, Tcl, TroubleshootingPrint View
  • Protecting ISAKMP Keys from Prying Eyes

    Most people don’t think about encrypting their ISAKMP keys, because for the most part they are inaccessible, but you never know if the router will end up in malicious hands. Employees have sold networking hardware on sites like eBay, without company knowledge, and without clearing the startup-config. So, any credentials that were on the router […]

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  • Protecting Servers with TCP Intercept

    One of the easier attacks to mount is the infamous SYN flood attack, because all the Attacker has to do is send TCP packets with the SYN flag set from randomly generated source IP addresses and this could affect the availability of the services on that host, accomplishing what he set out to do, Denial of Service […]

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  • Command Line Tricks for Cisco Geeks

    I know most of you probably know a lot of the tricks on this list, but you might find a thing or two that you never knew existed. These tricks can save you seconds and a lot frustration when you trying to hammer out a command. Although, Cisco seems to be moving away from CLI […]

    Feb 21st, 2011 • Filed under IOSPrint View
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