• How to Remove an Access-List on a Cisco ASA

    If this is driving you crazy, like it did me. Here is how to remove an access-list from a Cisco ASA. Note you will have to execute these commands from Global Configuration mode. Nothing fancy, but you would logically think no access-list id would work, it doesn’t, you have to use the clear configure access-list command […]

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  • Test Regular Experssion from ASA CLI

    If you happen to be creating regular expressions for use with inspections, they can get a bit confusing, and you should test regular expressions that are to be placed in to a production environment. The ASA provides a convenient command to test regular expressions, below is a test of a regular expression used to match .mp3 (and […]

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  • Protect a Network from Botnet Traffic using Cisco Botnet Traffic Filter

    Protecting a network from botnet traffic can save the network from congestion problems that botnet traffic would exert on the company network, the leak of passwords and other sensitive information, and protect against the possible infection to company computers, which would just aid the owners of the botnet. Keeping up-to-date with what traffic is botnet […]

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  • Cisco ASA Flag Descriptions

    While trying to remember the connection flags for ASA, I decided to organize them better and post them. Flag Description A Awaiting Inside ACK to SYN a Awaiting Outside ACK to SYN B Initial SYN from Outside b TCP State-Bypass or Nailed C CTIQBE Media D DNS d Dump E Outside Back Connection F Outside […]

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  • Cisco ASA to Play Nice with Asymmetric Routing

    Some day you might find yourself in a situation where you have an ASA device protecting an asymmetric network. This is a problem for ASA as it can only see one half of the connection, the other half being routed to the destination through a path that doesn’t involve the ASA. Now, this is not a […]

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