• Benefits of Your Own Domain

    If you have ever changed email providers, you know the pain of updating your email address with all the service providers to the new address, rinse and repeat if you want to change again. This gets old quickly. To avoid this change of address any time you want to change providers, you can purchase a […]

    Nov 17th, 2019 • Filed under Amazon Web Service, Best Practices, DNS, S3Print View
  • Getting Started with Amazon AWS CLI

    Like any good service Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a command line tool that interfaces with it’s various services. Being the geek that I am, I have always preferred the command line (CLI), be it Cisco IOS, Bash, or the earlier MS-DOS. So getting acquainted with this tool only seems natural, on my journey to […]

    Jan 18th, 2017 • Filed under Amazon Web Service, CLI, EC2, IAM, S3Print View
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